1. Setup an appointment

Setup an appointment with one of our estimators to discuss your project.

2. taking measurements

Our estimator will come and measure.

3. time to make decsions

After we measure and determine how many slabs you need; you decide what material you like and place it on hold with one of our suppliers.

4. Review the Estimate

Your estimator will send you an estimate for review and approval.

5. Creating Your Template

Once you have approved your estimate, we will come and make a digital template for fabrication. If your material is uniform, we will send it to the fabrication shop. However, if your material has veining or patterns, we will send a picture of the layout for your approval. Once approved, the job will be sent to fabrication.

6. fabricating your stone

Your job is turned in to the fabrication shop.

7. installation!

Once is have been fabricated we schedule the install. This is typically 2 ½ weeks from when we make the digital template.